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How To Choose The Standard O-ring Specifications Correctly

Doit Rubber Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

How to choose the standard O-ring specifications correctly

  Standard O Rings Correct selection of standard O-ring specifications and material, size, tolerance, compression has an important direct relationship. The following is my experience for everyone to share:

  1, the choice of standard O-ring specifications first to determine the standard O-ring material, the current industrial parts, life standard O-ring material NBR nitrile rubber, NR natural rubber, CR neoprene, EPDM three Nitrile rubber, PU polyurethane, SBR styrene butadiene rubber, Buna Dinar rubber, acrylic rubber ACM, PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE rubber, HNBR hydrogenated nitrile rubber, SILICOME silicone, FKM, VITON, fluorine rubber, FLS silicone rubber, PU polyurethane, and many more. The above materials have their own whereabouts and uses, there are oil, and resistant to chemical substances, resistant to high and low temperature, wear and so on. So in the choice of standard O-ring specifications must know where this product is used, what needs to be resistant, what role, life, so that you can choose the target you need the standard O-ring material.

  2, Standard O Rings the standard O-ring size specifications are diameter, diameter, diameter to express. In our drawings as long as the diameter and diameter of the size, diameter is equal to the diameter +2 * diameter. Or only the size of the outer diameter and diameter. Both of which are optional.

  3, the standard O-ring specifications Tolerances are the main diameter of the tolerance, diameter tolerance. Standard O-ring specifications tolerance depends on the size of the size, the greater the size, the greater the tolerance, of course. Such as the standard 0.05 to 1.79mm standard O-ring tolerance standard is +/- 0.10MM, diameter 0.05 to 1.79 MM standard O-ring tolerance standard is +/- 0.07MM.

  4, Standard O Rings select the standard O-ring specifications when the amount of compression is very important, because the choice is not correct, when the product assembly is not sealed, or assembly is too tight, so that did not play the desired role of the product. Then how do we correctly choose the standard O-ring specifications of the amount of compression, the following for your reference: standard O-ring compression is generally determined by the standard O-ring hardness and material, if the standard O-ring hardness is 70 degrees, then the standard O-ring compression is equal to 20%. Of course, the lower the hardness of the standard O-ring, the greater the compression of the standard O-ring, mainly for low-pressure sites. Then the higher the hardness of the standard O-ring, the standard O-ring compression is smaller, mainly for high pressure, pressure, resistance to the use of small environment. And so on, you can get what you need any hardness standard O-ring compression