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Doit Rubber Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 09, 2017
As Taiwan-funded enterprises, DOIT has professional skills in rubber materials selecting
and mold making.We have knowledgable sales team,design and QC engineers. who can directly working for you. With face to face and free service, information can be conveyed directly and precisely,and your requirements can be satisfied perfectly.


Eventhough,sealing products are always small,they counts a lot to your products. Then, you know how

important they are. Therefore, we attracts more  than one hundreds suppliers to cooperate with our 
company to ensure products'quality and life.
We utilizes the lastest CAD,ProE,UG software for mold design. what's more,we provide suggestions based on the following aspects:
1 、O-ring design
2 、Material selection
3 、Manufacturing process
4 、Component structure
5 、Tolerance part
6 、Surfacee quality acceptance criterial
7 、Assembly part structure
8 、Seal life
  DOIT has fully integrated manufacturing facilities and a wide range of manufacturing capabilities including 
compression molding,transfer molding,liquid silicone rubber injecton molding, CNC maching, and rubber-to-metal
bonding process.
  If you have any qustion, please contact us directly!Warmly welcome your enquiry,and we will serve you with 
our full heart!
  DOIT must be your best choice!