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What Is The Role Of The Bearing Retainer On The Axle?

Doit Rubber Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 14, 2016

The shaft of the bearing has a step shaft structure, and a ring is arranged between the shoulder of the step shaft and the bearing. The end face of the bearing is against the end surface of the retaining ring, and the retaining ring and the shoulder The contact surface is circular cone. The utility model has the advantages that the anti-fatigue strength of the axle shaft head is improved.

The bearing ring is a ring-shaped sheet-like structural member with a notch, and the outside of the ring is symmetrically arranged on two sides of the middle point of the ring with two identical grooves, the inner side of the ring is The lateral symmetry is provided with two grooves of the same size, the inner groove is corresponding to the outer groove, and the width of the inner groove is smaller than the width of the outer groove. The contact area between the bearing ring and the shoulder of the invention is increased by 70% compared with the existing ring, and the deformation of the shoulder due to the axial locking force and the deformation of the bearing ring are improved; the axial rotation of the shaft can be improved Which can replace the prior art bead ring + bearing ring two-turn combined structure, simple assembly, safe and reliable.